I made a book!

That’s right, a new book by yours truly! It’s called “World War B” and it’s ready for your library or coffee table ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s been years in the making, but I’ve finally taken the time to put my favourite bitcoin propaganda posters together in a single volume. Now you can hold the best of the collection in your hot little hands or foist it upon confused and unsuspecting bystanders.

There’s over 180 funny and informative bitcoin posters inside, based on actual WWI & WWII propaganda. Long time bitcoiners will appreciate the many different angles, and newcomers will hopefully spark an interest. There’s a few bits of text sprinkled throughout, but it really is just wall-to-wall awesome posters. It’s all good fun, and perfect for your home, office, lounge or even under the mattress.

It’s 150 colour pages (8.5″x11″), and comes in hardcover or paperback, although availability in certain countries seems to vary. I recommend the hardcover if it’s an option and you can swing it.

23 Skidoo & 6 Confirmations

But wait, there’s more ๐Ÿ˜€ There’s also 2 interlude sections to break up the flow, featuring never-before-seen vintage documents from the archives. Go back in time with letters from the trenches, log entries, news clippings, telegrams, advertisements and more! Get a glimpse into the bitcoin lives of yesteryear. Each well-weathered text is a sepia-toned cognitively dissonant tongue-in-cheek bit of nonsense. Your chuckling muscles are sure to get a good workout.

Here’s a white glove preview:

Hat –> Ring

Over the years I’ve learned from so many people out there who code, build on, speak or write about bitcoin in extremely effective and enlightening ways. They’ve all made great tools or compelling arguments that support my own experience, but I always get caught up finding my own way to participate or contribute. This classic sketch often comes to mind:

Anywah! Hence the art. I never imagined publishing a book, but here we are. I had to re-learn desktop publishing after quite a few years, but it was definitely worthwhile.

I also had mixed feelings about using Amazon, due to its all-engrossing monster gravity etc, but eventually I gave in because of the low up front cost, network effect and shipping logistics. ‘Fascinating,’ I thought, noting the irony and centralization drivers. But whattamigonnado — it’s better to get this book out there than not, I think. I can’t really risk ordering 20 boxes that sit unsold in my garage, and the proofs I’ve received are very decent quality. So yeah, a lot of introspection and reconciliation going on lately in this global economies-of-scale battle.

You can of course still see most of these posters in lower resolution on my site if that’s preferable. In a way I’ve made this book more for myself than anyone. It feels good to have something tangible as a reflection of your hard work.

So, in summary, this book is strictly bitcoin, politically neutral, and 100% ridiculous. I hope you dig it!

And here are some more samples:


Other Musings

Some have questioned whether the title of this book might be a little off-putting, given the peaceful nature of how bitcoin is generally used. I did consider some alternate titles, like “Bitcoin Propaganda Posters”, but that seemed a little too on the nose, if not over-used, and a little boring frankly. I also considered “Bitcoin Propaganda”, “Vintage Bitcoin”, “Enlist Bitcoin”, and some others I can’t quite recall. But then I thought about two things: 1) the sentiment that blockchains are war (this is really true), and 2) each of these posters are all literally war-era themed – so it just made sense to double-down and go with the idea. Plus it sort of rhymes with WWIII.

Which reminds me, what’s really kind of funny is that I did a parody poster back in 2014 with the same name based on World War Z, only this time with zombie helicopter money. In the original, the zombies are pulling down the helicopter – in my version it’s just endless piles and piles of helicopter money raining down instead. I like the inference and imagery.

On the Art(ist)

There’s different commentary in the book, but what also might be worth mentioning here regards the artwork and my own skill-set. In a world with CGI, generative A.I., 3D blenders, motion capture etc, I am happy to move at my own self-taught 2005 photoshop speed and lean more into the message, which suits me (and the source material) fine. I get a bit of an excuse to keep these reduxes quaint and in line with how things looked at that time period. It’s a good fit gosh darnit!

All right, well, thanks for reading this far – now go buy the book ๐Ÿ™‚


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