Bitcoin Movies


Finding Consensus

There Will Be Bitcoin

2015 Antonopoulos / Interstellar

World War B


The Land Before Bitcoin



Oh Blockchain Where Art Thou

No Bitcoin For Old Men

Civil War

Run BIP 148, You Fools

Meet the Forkers

Wolverine – Forks

The Goxfather

Empire of the Satoshi

Cloudy with No Chance of Bitcoins

Reservoir Doge

Saving Ryan’s Private Key

addendum: are they rescuing it, or just saving it to disk???!!!

I love bitcoin transactions in movies, lol.

Toy Story – No Segwit 2X

Bitcoin Uncensored – Dumb and Dumber

UP / DOWN – Altcoins

Planet of the Alts


The Lorax – Stupid Blockchains


I, Mr. Robot

Block Size, BB8, Death Star, Star Wars, SegWit, Rogue Money etc

Lord of the Rings / Gandalf

Neo / Matrix

Pulp Fiction / Christopher Walken

Da Vinci QR Code

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

The Shining

Raging Bull

Transylvania 6500

Toy Story – Get a Woody


Shawkshank Redemption

Police Academy / Chainalysis Academy

Affinity War / Infinity War / Brian Armstrong / Scamzzzzz

Conan the Barbarian / Red Sonja

Escape from New York