Mixed Media

Mobile Seurat

Time Collage

Mt. Rushmore
(left to right: Plato / Socrates / Pythagoras / Aristotle)

Merry Christmas Guy Fawkes

The Internet – 1973
(click image for higher resolution
click here to buy a 200dpi HD print)

At the Home & Flower Show at the Coliseum – Go now! 🙂

Banned on all of my t-shirt stores 🙁

The 80’s were wild

Virtue Signalling

Vital pieces of the ongoing saga

Westworld / Battlestar Galactica

Walter White / Breaking Bad / Obama

Do the Right Thing

Vintage Public Health Poster Updated
(buy the poster here)

Pray we don’t need it

This man is terrible.

Vintage Poster Updated

Vintage Magazine Cover Updated

A missed advertising opportunity

The Secret Railroad Cast – HD reproductions
Difficult to source

Game of Thrones

Cthulhu / H.P. Lovecraft
Image source

Every now and then I feel this way

“No one who speaks german could be an evil man”
See 17 sec. YouTube link for reference

Alf vs. Predator

Meta Zoolander

Cumberbatch did the voice of the dragon, if you recall